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About Dawei PCB

Printed circuit board manufacturer in China

As a number one printed circuit board manufacturer in China, Dawei PCB is deeply committed to constant education, high precision and high speed automatic printing. Through impeccable research and development, we have been able to deliver professionally printed circuit boards(PCB) and PCB assemblies for the world to use. By maintaining a strict production process, we are able to meet the needs of printed circuit board importers everywhere.

Ever since we opened our doors, we have maintained the same quality for all of our customers. As a licensed and certified printed circuit manufacturer in China, we want to help clients everywhere leverage our low cost, high quality PCBs and PCBAs. As a printed circuit board manufacturer in China, we have just the perfect product you need to prototype or redevelop your project.

Leading Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer in China & Supplier to Fortune 500 Companies

Supply Chain Management

One-Stop-Shop For Low Cost, High-Quality PCBs & PCBAs Manufacturing & Assembly

Quality PCB manufacturing process with MES Quality Management

World-class advanced production equipment delivering impeccable precision.

Dawei PCB
Trusted PCB Source For Everyone From Small Startups To Large Enterprises

Our experience as a trusted PCB source means we have the capacity to fit the needs of everyone. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or Fortune 500 enterprise, we have solutions geared towards helping meet your demands. If you have any questions about our process, we would love to hear from you.

Quality PCB Manufacturing For A Wide Range Of Industries

Over the years, we have diversified the companies we service to the automotive industry, smart homes, industrial automation and telecommunications. We serve as a leading supplier of PCB printing online within those verticals. Whether you are manufacturing mobile phones or industrial robots, we have the printed circuit boards you need to succeed

Only The Highest Quality Standards

No more searching for printed circuit board manufacturers. Dawei PCB is your one stop shop for the best PCB manufacturing processes available anywhere. We enjoy a process led by our knowledgeable team of engineers, researchers and developers. As one of the leading Printed Circuit board manufacturers in China, we understand how the quality of our materials impacts your bottom line.

Incredible Production Speed Means A Fast Turn Around

It’s no secret, our incredibly precise machines and fine tuned processes help to create an ultra fast turn around you can be proud of. Give us a call and we will help meet any deadline or timeline you have in mind. Our team is constantly waiting to take on the next challenge.

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