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PCB Manufacturing Processes Born Out of a Tradition Of Excellence

High-end testing equipment ensures a high quality PCB

Power Statement: Serving both domestic and international markets means we have something for everyone.

Who are we:

As a company, we are deeply committed to constant education, high precision and high speed automatic printing. Through impeccable research and development, we have been able to deliver professionally printed circuit board assembly for the world to use. By maintaining a strict production process, we are able to meet the needs of printed circuit board importers everywhere.

Ever since we opened our doors, we have maintained the same quality for all of our customers. As a licensed provider, we want to help clients everywhere leverage our low cost, high quality PCBs. As a printed circuit board manufacturers in California as well and China, we have just the perfect product you need to prototype or redevelop your project.

Our philosophy:

Born out of a tradition of excellence means that our PCB printed online will arrive at your door in pristine condition. In order to keep our reputation, we pledge to provide you with the best value for your dollar in the PCB industry.

Company Values

As a company with an impeccable reputation, we stick to a few values that help maintain that reputation.


Only the strictest production controls that guarantee the quality of your merchandise


By employing top notch candidates and graduates, we ensure our employees are ready to deliver perfection.


Let us know your deadline and we will make it happen with our 24 hour PCB printing online



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